Guide: How To Tell Your Stylist What You Want 

Ever have a hard time describing what you want done to your hair?!

Look no further! Here's a bit of information to help you along...


First up! *Balayage*

Balayage is a tricky word. It can mean many different styles and techniques resulting in different outcomes, eek! What this word really stands for is "freehand". So, it's basically anything that isn't a traditional foil highlight. Common results that stem from balayage are: Ombres, Sombres, and Sun-kissed.





The "ombre" style typically means a fade from dark to light. The ends will be much lighter than the roots or vice-versa. There will be a seamless fade from the dark to light; but, there will be a definite difference between the dark color and the lighter color.



The easiest way to describe the "sombre" style is that it's basically an "ombre", but with highlights connecting the roots and ends together. This can be done by using the balayage technique just slightly differently. This look results in a more gradual and softer fade. You will end up with a more all-over lighter color than what you started with, so be prepared!




The "sun-kissed" style is the most natural use of the balayage technique. With this look, the hair doesn't get quite as light and resembles more of a "day on the beach" color. If you're looking to just brighten up a bit for spring/summer, but don't want to commit to a whole new look, this is a great jumping-off point.