B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

This magic little product is AH-mazing! It's very similar to Olaplex, but the difference is that it doesn't make your processing time longer (so, less time spent at the salon!), and it doesn't bump down your bleach (meaning, we can use our strongest bleach while still getting protection!). If you are trying to get to a lighter shade, and it's taking numerous sessions...this stuff will be your best friend! Why spend all that time and money getting to your desired color if your hair is going to be damaged when you get there? B3 is also great for already damaged hair and/or dry hair. It gives you shine, and makes your hair so much softer.


What else?...

* Protects Against Damage

*Helps Prevent Loss of Cuticle and Cortex Cells

*Lock in Pigments/Improves Color Retention

*Doesn't add to appointment time

*Silicon Free