Ashy vs Neutral vs Warm

Having a hard time deciding what tonality you want?

This should help! :)



Ashy. The color everyone has been trained to ask for, but may not be for everyone. Ashy tends to mean blue or green based tones. Most relate it to white or silvery blondes. If you are at a light blonde, then this is an easy color to get to. If you are not, then be prepared to tone your blonde darker to obtain an ashier color and/or spend numerous sessions in the chair to get your hair lighter. Note: In order to cancel out more warmth, stylists need the power of a darker, more pigmented blue-green base color.



Neutral is typically the arena most people end up in. This is often a result of the blonde lifting warm and a stylist canceling out as much warmth as they can. Neutral is a beautiful shade that compliments most skin tones. If you're not sure what to do, neutrals are always a safe bet!


Warm colors can be beautiful and are often overlooked and/or frowned upon! Caramel colors are the most popular when it comes to these warmer shades. The pros about warmer tones is that they brighten the face and often appear lighter than cooler/ashier tones. The warmth reflects light while ashier tones absorb light.